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Different professions, different from Health Risks Faced

Cruel and Beautiful World - Professions that we're everyday not only bring in revenue, but also a health risk. Each profession has its own risks.

It has long been known that people whose work requires him to stand for long, for example hairdressers, teachers, or surgeon, varicose veins are more susceptible to disease. But they were sedentary also not spared from the risk of disease, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Here are some of the risk faced by some professions.

- Baker
About 10 percent of asthma in adults affected by their work. One of the major risk is pembut bread. Protein in the flour which could be considered a foreign substance inhaled by the body that cause an allergic response.

In addition to bread makers, work at great risk causing asthma among other things a lot of people who deal with animals or hairdresser.

- Teachers
Teachers are more susceptible to interference with the sound. This is because they often have to raise her voice in class. "The combination of loud talk and too often can lead to a lot of things, ranging from hoarseness, or burning sensation in the throat," said Declan Costello, ENT specialist.

Hoarseness and pain in the throat also can be a sign of a nodule. The condition also often experienced singers. To fix needed voice control. But if a few months does not disappear, then surgery is needed.

- Hairdresser
Exposure to various chemicals make a hairdresser vulnerable to various health problems, such as asthma, skin irritation, or inflamed skin. Standing for long periods also create problems in the feet, such as pain in the lower legs, varicose veins, and so on.

- Pilot
The pilot included in the profession dream of many children, but did you know that pylons and cabin crew at risk of suffering from skin cancer. Experts suspect this is happening because of exposure to cosmic radiation that come from outside the solar system. In addition they are also exposed to ultraviolet radiation because it has always been at altitude.

- Dentist
The dentist spends much of his time down to treat problems with teeth. Due to the stooped posture that they were prone to backache.

- Nurse
The risk of contact dermatitis experienced nurse seven times higher than other professions. This is because they are so frequent hand washing or using cleaning fluid, also wearing latex gloves. This makes them have allergies, so the skin becomes itchy and red rash.

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